The 2s Preschool Program: Aged 2 years to 3 years

At this age, children are very imaginative. Their curiosity has often peaked and they are eager to explore the world around them. Their independence is significant and they continue to test their limits. The language skills have grown to the point that they can string simple sentences together and their vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds. Clearly, children at this age are both growing and developing rapidly. Therefore, it is critical to place them in an environment that will foster this development in an appropriate manner. Children require individualized attention at this age that is going to cater to their personalized needs.

Children who enroll in the 2s Preschool Program at Handprints will have activities specifically designed to complement the growth and development of the two-year-old. Classrooms are going to focus on learning through play. This means activities that are centered around the creative arts which will encourage language development, social growth, and sensory exploration. Daily activities will involve pretend play and learning through games. Hands-on activities have been designed to hold the attention of children at this age for an appropriate amount of time. When given the proper guidance and structure, children at this age will watch their self-confidence and self-esteem grow by leaps and bounds. As children are praised for their accomplishment, they will grow even further.

Child Care Philosophy

2s Program Curriculum

  • Children at this age are starting to have individualized interests and, our interest centers play a critical role in designing a curriculum that meets the needs of the child
  • The program will continue to focus on rules, structure, and discipline
  • Teachers and students are paired together to ensure that personalities, interests, and strengths will mesh appropriately
  • The classroom environment is situated to encourage socialization with peers that will foster language development
  • Hands-on activities will focus on not only pretend play but also on the continued development of both gross motor and fine motor skills
  • Two-year-old children will continue to focus on learning through play


Two-year-old children are growing and developing quickly. Developmental milestones are critical for ensuring that every child is on track for a healthy, happy childhood. To that end, some of the developmental milestones that we monitor include:

Gross Motor

  • climb stairs efficiently
  • walk up and down stairs alternating feet
  • run well
  • pedal a tricycle

Fine Motor

  • draw vertical lines, horizontal lines, and circles
  • turn the pages of a book efficiently
  • build a balanced tower of at least six blocks
  • hold a pencil in the proper writing grasp
  • both screw and unscrew lids


  • separate from their caretaker with ease
  • express their emotions easily
  • recognize differences in their routine and will express displeasure


  • both recognize and name almost every common object
  • know their name, age, and gender
  • be using pronouns
  • most of a child’s language should be understood by strangers


  • understand make-believe and imaginative play
  • sort objects by their color
  • solve simple puzzles of 4 pieces

Addressing Parental Concerns

The age of two can be a challenge for parents given the rapid growth and development of their child. Therefore, we encourage parents to bring any concerns to us so that we can address them to the best of our ability. We want parents to be involved in the care and the curriculum of their children. Our individualized interest centers strive to do just that. Please reach out to us with any questions. We are here to help.