Entering preschool can be an exciting time for you and your little one. Shopping for school supplies, meeting new friends, learning new stuff. We look forward to these things the most when getting our child ready for school. But how can you tell if your child is ready? Are there telltale signs to look out for? There sure are. And here are 5 telltale signs to determine if your child is ready for preschool. 

Are they Independent and Can Be Left Alone?

Leaving your child in a room full of children can be stressful. Separation anxiety can kick in, the moment you go out of their sight. It’s not healthy for a child to get stressed. Let alone in an environment full of unfamiliar children. If you are not sure if they are ready, you can test this by leaving your child with a family member for a day. Depending on how they react to not having you around, it will give you an idea if they are ready for preschool. 

Can they Handle a Whole Day in School?

School can take a couple of hours in a day. Does your child have the endurance to stay in the school environment for extended periods? There are mid-day breaks of course, but kids can get cranky in the middle of the day. If your child can’t handle staying the whole day, getting calls home can disrupt your schedule. And this leads to more inconvenience. One thing to find out if your child is ready for preschool is if they have built the stamina to stay in school for long hours. 

Is Your Child Potty Trained?

One thing to consider when getting your child ready for school is their potty habits. Accidents can occur, but going in their pants regularly can be embarrassing for a child. Even traumatic and can cause unease if they’d get teased by other children for it. You wouldn’t want them to be in that position. School should be an enjoyable experience for your child and toilet training should be the least of you and your child’s concerns upon reaching school age. As a parent, it’s your job to ensure that If your child is completely potty trained before you enroll them in preschool. If they constantly are able to hold it in till they reach the restroom with little-to-no misses, then that’s a good sign that they are ready. 

Can they Focus on a Task for Long Periods?

In this day and age of technology, our global attention span has narrowed greatly. Technology has been taking its toll on a lot of our tasks and activities. And kids are not exempt from this either. Another sign to know if your child is ready for preschool is if they can last about 15-20 minutes doing certain activities. It’s the general amount of time spent on tasks at school. You can practice this at home by letting your child do some simple but fun tasks like working on a coloring book or drawing what they have in mind. Putting them through these activities can help you measure how long can they sustain focus on one task. It can also help you determine where they needed help, so you can take further steps to help improve their focus

Are they Capable of Interacting with other Children?

There is always that one child who can’t seem to hold their energy in and just moves around talking to anyone and everyone in the room. They don’t have to be the friendliest kid in class. But your child should at least have the social skills to make conversation and maintain friendly interactions with other children. You don’t want them hurting anyone just because they don’t like them. One good way to train your child with basic social skills is to bring them around other children often. If there’s a local playground nearby, bring them there at least once every weekend. This teaches them to be comfortable around other kids, helps them treat others with respect and share things with others. If you notice that they can keep healthy interactions with other kids, that’s an indicator that they are ready for preschool.

School can be fun and rewarding, at the same time it can be overwhelming in the beginning. Starting Preschool is a big step for your child and making sure that your child is ready for it brings confidence for you as a parent, knowing that your child will be alright on their own in school.

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