Our children’s health should always be our top priority as responsible parents. And in doing so, raising active children is a surefire way of ensuring their good health. Here are ways to raise active children.

Look for a fun and interesting activity 

Make sure your child finds a sport or activity they enjoy a lot. The moment they enjoy it, it becomes much easier to have them engaged in this activity. It’s a pretty simple concept that, when you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll eventually keep doing it more. Just make sure these activities are making them active children. You may also try to let them explore more activities that excite, intrigue or challenge them in a way to make them want to do it more often. 

Also make sure to provide them with a lot of options so they won’t get bored easily. For toddlers, ball games, jump ropes and swimming classes are good starters.  

Choose age-appropriate activities

By doing so, you make sure that your kids are on the right track. Let’s say for example, an 8 year old is not yet ready to do weight lifting or a 5-mile run. Instead, they can try swimming, biking or soccer – which are appropriate for their age. While you’re at it though, don’t overdo it as they might end up being too tired or bored to do it again and they lose interest the next time. 

Also remember that physical activities should not hurt. If pain occurs, they need to slow down and try a less vigorous activity. They will lose interest once they become hurt or pain comes into the picture. You should consult their doctor before they involve themselves in draining physical activities that might alter their body weight. 

Make sure to provide a safe environment

As a responsible parent of active children, it is your top priority to make their activity zone as safe as possible. Make sure the area they exercise in are hazard-free and far from possible danger. It is best to stay away from the road too. 

In providing a ‘safe environment’, it does not only mean the location they’re doing it in but also the peers they interact with. If their activities involve other people, make sure that these people are safe. 

On the other hand, keeping their environment safe can also start by letting them have the proper equipment for certain sports for example. And also make sure they are wearing the appropriate attire for every activity. Their fashionable tutus might hinder riding a bike safely. Knee pads are also your best friends for training toddlers for bike lessons. 

Be a good role model

The moment your child sees you getting ready for exercise, they will automatically think you’re on your road to good fitness. And chances are, they will also follow suit. Encourage your children to be active by teaching or introducing them to a new sport. Making exercise a priority in the long run will create a happy and healthy lifestyle for the both of you. 

Remember that most kids look up to their parents and the moment they witness you enjoying yoga, for example, they will also be encouraged to try it with you and eventually create fun bonding moments

There are unlimited options you can choose from- you can try hiking, skating, swimming, biking, fishing, and even walking the dogs for starters. 

Limit their screen time

One of the easiest ways to raise active children is to limit their screen time usage. This way, they are more motivated to do physical activities instead of just sitting around. Not only is this essential to their physical well-being, but it also benefits the health of their eyes. Try limiting their usage to 1-2 hours per day, including the use of TV, video games, computers, and other electronic devices. Let them maximize their time doing more physical activities instead. 

Schedule and make time for exercise

With a lot of homework and mental activities required of them from school, or if their music lessons are taking up your kid’s time, make sure to plan ahead and plan their activities. Let them make time for exercise. And make sure they have a convenient time and place to do these exercises. 

You may try hosting a barbeque party with a bunch of activities. It could be simple games for your toddlers and teens like frisbees or ball games. This way, they won’t mind playing along since they’ll think it’s all part of the fun weekend get-together. 

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