Our School Age Program is an ideal time to supplement the academic curriculum offered at public school.
Age 5-12 Years
Category Elementary

Welcome to Handprints School Age Program!

Our School Age Program is an ideal time to supplement the academic curriculum offered at public school. Our School Age Program is designed to provide a variety of choices for the maturing elementary student. We feel that the time spent at Handprints should be filled with activities that pique the interest and imagination of our students.

Our School Age Program provides free transportation to and from our local elementary schools. We also provide a full day program during public school breaks and in-service days at a minimal cost.

* Our primary goal for our School Age students is to assist our students in establishing a good homework routine. We feel that completing homework assignments in a quiet environment can help reserve time at home for family activities.

A wide variety of fun indoor and outdoor activities are provided to fill our school age student’s day after their homework is completed.

A Home Living Center nestled in the corner of the room with dramatic play items for the children, an Art Center allows for your child’s creativity, a Science Center where children can examine and explore scientific materials, a Block Center where the children quickly learn that by cooperating with each other they can build wonderful towers, towns, and multitude of other fun things, and a Small Manipulative Center with a variety of materials that can be used to build structures by following patterns and directions, or by designing a unique project themselves. We also provide educational games that teach S T E M and other acclaimed learning concepts.

On the Playground, the children can join an organized game or enjoy free play activities. In addition,some of our locations have a soccer field or basketball court. Tables are available for picnics and quieter activities.

Thank you for choosing Handprints Childcare LLC! If you have any questions, PLEASE, do not hesitate to ask.