We are aware that the right Pre-Kindergarten Program environment mustprovide a great foundation for Kindergarten.
Age 4-5 Years
Category Preschool

Welcome to Handprints Pre-Kindergarten Program!

We are aware that the right Pre-Kindergarten Program environment must provide a great foundation for Kindergarten.? Our Pre-Kindergarten Program exposes children to an educational environment that develops the much needed emotional, academic, and social skills your child will need before entering Kindergarten.

Our Master Planned Curriculum Strong Foundations is taught by utilizing weekly themes and is founded upon the Texas Pre-Kindergarten TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills). In addition to planning the curriculum, our teachers keep a portfolio for each student showing their learning progress throughout the school year. Assessment is extremely important, because by the assessment, the teacher gains the necessary information about your child in order to plan individualized activities that help your child to learn and to grow in all areas of child development.

STEM is an important part of our preschoolers learning day. A variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math undertakings are woven into their daily activities.

Phonemic Awareness comes before letter recognition and is the first step to reading and spelling. Activities that teach letter sound are prevalent in our Pre-kindergarten Program. Small motor activities are also planned to strengthen writing skills.

One of the most important learning skills children can learn in Pre-Kindergarten is a love of learning. Our teachers are trained to make learning exciting and stimulating, our children are thrilled to learn new skills while interacting with their peers. When children can associate learning with fun, they are more likely to enjoy learning as they continue through school. We build life long learners!

Thank you for choosing Handprints Childcare LLC! If you have any questions, PLEASE, do not hesitate to ask.