Our number one priority is the health, safety, and education of your child.  Our Degreed / Experienced Teachers provide...
Age 3-4yrs
Category Preschool

Welcome to Handprints’Preschool Program!

Our number one priority is the health, safety, and education of your child.  Our Degreed / Experienced Teachers provide a stimulating environment that encourages your child’s physical, intellectual, and social growth.  We become acquainted with your child on an individualized one-on-one basis to learn how he / she responds to various experiences to help your child feel secure while in our care.

Our classrooms are spacious and allow your child to explore a variety of learning centers with their friends.Our teachers are involved and understand that each child learns and expands their knowledge at different rates and levels.

Handprints’ curriculum “Strong Foundations ®” is based upon how three and four-year-old children learn and grow.

Preschooler’s brains are a chaoticjungle of neurons getting “wired” together into intricate circuitry patterns. Appropriate learning experiences havea big effect on your child’s absorbent brain and also strongly affect the way they mature.

STEM is an important part of our preschoolers’ learning day.  A variety ofScience, Technology, Engineering and Math undertakings are woven into their daily activities.

Phonemic Awareness comes before letter recognition and is the first step to reading and spelling.  Activities that teach letter sound are prevalent in our Preschool Program.  Small motor activities are also planned to strengthen writing skills.

In addition to planning weekly theme-based curriculum, our dedicated teachers monitor each child’s growth and development through screenings, running records, pictures, and work samples to put together a portfolio for your child.  This information helps both the teacher and parent to understand what their child has learned.

Thank you for choosing Handprints Childcare LLC! If you have any questions, PLEASE, do not hesitate to ask.