Early childhood is a time when a lot of cognitive, emotional, social and physical changes take place. It is considered a critical period because it is when a child’s brain develops rapidly and when a great amount of learning happens. For this reason, parents are encouraged to make sure their kids are placed in an environment that helps maximize their development. This is where daycare comes in.

What are the benefits of daycare for toddlers?

A high-quality daycare plays an important role in the development of children. Sending your little one to daycare can improve their growth in many different facets. It can also help them acquire the skills that help them become successful in the future. Keep reading and learn about the wonderful benefits of daycare for toddlers!

Daycare prepares children for big school

A daycare setting provides adequate opportunities for kids to learn the skills they need for a big school. Daycare is more than just a place to leave your child when you have to go to work. It’s a place where they learn and develop in many ways. It supports all areas of child development and provides guidance along the path of lifelong learning.

It teaches them about routine and schedules

Young children do not understand time. They are not aware of the ticking of the clock. However, through routines and regular schedules in a daycare setting, kids learn about the concept of time. In a daycare, your little one can experience all sorts of activities they will love and enjoy. These include playing games, singing songs, listening to stories and a lot more. These activities follow a certain schedule. The schedule allots a specific time for learning, playing, eating, napping, and so on.

It helps a child’s academic advancement

A high-quality daycare environment provides a safe space where children develop intellectually, socially and emotionally. This is where they are given extensive opportunities to explore and learn. They are given plenty of cognitive-boosting activities which helps their academic advancement.

It provides adequate time for socialization

Spending time with peers is just as important for children as it is for adults. Kids need to socialize, too. They need to have friends and learn how to make friends because it is a critical part of their social wellbeing. The good news is that your little one can enjoy plenty of playtime at daycare where they can meet other kids and create friendships with them. Here, they can socialize in a safe and supervised environment. They will learn how to learn and play together, solve problems, share stuff and a lot more!

It makes the transition to kindergarten a lot easier

Starting kindergarten is a huge transition for every child. Kindergarten is a time when children have to experience a more structured environment to learn the fundamentals of academics. While kindergarten provides adequate time for fun and games, the curriculum teaches more about literacy, Math and other subjects critical in formal schooling.

Benefits of Daycare on Toddlers

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By sending your little one to daycare, the transition to kindergarten will become a lot easier. The environment may be less structured in daycare but this is the perfect place to introduce kids to the things that take place in school. The experience they gain from attending daycare can help them better adjust to formal schooling.

It provides opportunities to engage in play-based learning

Daycare gives children different opportunities to learn better through play. Play-based learning is a strategy used in early childhood education to foster a child’s desire to learn. Sending your little one to daycare will help them internalize knowledge to achieve success in the future.

It helps them build trusting relationships with other adults

For young kids, the only adults they trust are their parents and other senior members of the family. However, early childhood care teaches them how to look at other adults as mentors and authority figures. By attending daycare, children are provided with opportunities to build relationships with other adults like their teachers and caregivers.

Daycare proves to be an excellent choice for parents who want to ensure a strong academic foundation for their children. Because a quality daycare can benefit your child in the long term, be sure to pick the best school for them – Handprints Academy. Please feel free to visit us for more information.