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Why Parents Should Encourage their Child to Read

As parents, one of our goals is for our kids to develop healthy habits. We want the best for them. We want them to reach their full potential and be able to realize their dreams. In short, we want them to be successful. This is where the value of reading comes in. Reading plays a crucial role in a child’s success not only in school but in all of  life. It is beneficial to children’s development and overall intelligence. If you haven’t started yet, now is a great time to instill a positive reading routine in your little one. Here are some of the benefits that come from reading with your child:   Reading expands vocabulary One of the wonderful benefits

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Overcoming Shyness in Kids: 5 Ways Parents can Help

Despite seeming relatively synonymous, shyness and introversion are two different concepts.  Someone can be an introvert without being anxious. You can be anxious but not necessarily an introvert. Shyness is often rooted in anxiety, whereas introversion is a personality trait.  However your child presents , remember neither introversion nor shyness means something is “wrong” with him or her. Your acceptance and love is essential. It is important that you remain committed to helping your child  manage his or her shyness in social settings. Here are 5 tips on how you can help nurture your child’s confidence and help him or her overcome shyness any situation. Set Expectations Ahead for your Child New situations can be overwhelming and may trigger shyness

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5 Signs to Find out if Your Child is Ready for Preschool

Entering preschool can be an exciting time for you and your little one. Shopping for school supplies, meeting new friends, learning new stuff. We look forward to these things the most when getting our child ready for school. But how can you tell if your child is ready? Are there telltale signs to look out for? There sure are. And here are 5 telltale signs to determine if your child is ready for preschool.  Are they Independent and Can Be Left Alone? Leaving your child in a room full of children can be stressful. Separation anxiety can kick in, the moment you go out of their sight. It’s not healthy for a child to get stressed. Let alone in an

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How to Motivate Your Child to Do Homework

Motivating your child to do homework can be a headache. If they can get away from it, they will try. But that would mean missing some credits in class, which would also hurt academically. As a parent, your role is to be an overseer, a guide and a motivator. And if you’re still cracking your head on what else you should do to make your kids do their homework easily, then check out these tips on how to motivate your child to do homework.  Create an Interesting Workspace Ever had a day when a messy table got in the way of you doing anything useful at your desk? You may have gone so far as to ignore it for a

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Social Skills for Kids: 6 Social Rules that Every Child Needs to Succeed

Developing social skills at a young age helps kids to create better relationships with their peers. Children who can get along well with other kids easily make friends, which in turn, improves both their mental and emotional states. It will also help them to develop into happier and fulfilled adults. As a parent, you can guide and equip your little one with the right social skills. There’s no better time to start than now. Read on and learn about the most essential social skills for kids to learn. Ability to Share Sharing a snack or a toy for starters, can get your kids on the road to making friends with their classmates or playmates. Encourage your children to feel good

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7 Helpful Tips for Teaching your Child Good Manners

The fun part of parenting is seeing your child do the same things as you do. Sometimes it’ll feel like looking at a mini version of you. This comes with a responsibility, however, as children learn how to behave by observation. And the danger comes when they absorb whatever they see regardless of whether it is good or bad. Teaching your child good manners helps them behave and act in an appropriate manner in various social settings. Here are a few helpful tips on how to teach your child good manners. Be Their Model Good manners always begin at home. Parents are a child’s first teacher, so they often follow what their parents do. If you want to teach good

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5 Ways to Develop Healthy Eating Habits in Children

Do you ever wonder why some kids hate broccoli? If your child refuses to eat them, don’t worry. It’s not uncommon. Taste is hardwired. Taste is related to a group of genes that you inherit from your parents and eventually pass on to your own kids. And although genes are ingrained and there’s not much that you can do to change them, it’s still important to make sure that vegetables are incorporated into your child’s diet. Lucky for you, there are a number of things that you can do as a parent to help your child develop healthy eating habits.  Here are five ways to get you started.  Stock Up on Healthy Food When you’re hungry, you have an immediate

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Parenting Advice: 8 Tips Every Parent Needs To Know

Like it or not, parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. And no matter how well it worked for your parents, the advice passed down from them doesn’t take into account the pressures of raising a child in 2019. And the balance between work and raising a family can sometimes raise questions. Nothing can fully prepare you for being a parent. Despite what it looks like, parenting skills don’t come naturally for many of us. They’re acquired through trial and error. Tears and laughter. And as much challenge as there is joy. But if the frustrations are great, the rewards can be even greater. And it’s a journey full of twists, turns and the unexpected. If you’re looking for parenting advice

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5 Effective Habits of Happy Kids

Parenting is a tough gig, but you know you’re doing the right thing when your kids are happy. Although no child is happy 100 percent of the time, it’s important for parents to make it a priority to raise happy kids. Why? Because being happy doesn’t just give them happy memories to look back on but because it helps their brain develop. So how do you raise happy kids? What habits should they develop?  Building friendships and relationships Social skills are one of the most important skills kids need to learn while they’re young. They should learn how to relate to others and be able to build meaningful relationships. Do you spend time teaching your little one how to do

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Conversation Starters For Kids To Get Them Talking

Most kids are naturals when it comes to talking. If you’ve ever had a 2-year-old ask you a series of questions out of the blue that you can’t answer, you know this is true. What happens when they’re too quiet? You know that something is on their mind and they won’t open up? How do you start a meaningful conversation with your kids? Maybe it’s not a question of how, but a question of when. It’s fair to assume that a kid will open up about their feelings only if they’re ready to. After all, they’re still developing. They’re still acclimating to new experiences, emotions and the world around them. That may be little consolation to a parent who knows

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