Reading is one of the most critical skills children learn at a young age. It’s not only because it’s something they need to be successful at school, but because it can benefit them in several different ways.

Reading not only helps young kids learn to read and write. It also works wonders for a child’s cognitive development as it fosters their imagination. It makes them smarter because they get to learn more from what they read. It also enhances their communication skills. All these and more are benefits your little one can get from reading.

How do you encourage your child to read?

Create a cozy reading area for your child

Creating a special reading place is an excellent way to encourage your child to read. Look for a cozy nook around the house which you can transform into a reading area. Put a soft bean bag, a wide variety of books they can choose from and some decorations and accessories. Make sure this corner is also well lit and conducive for reading.

Make adequate time for reading

Reading should never feel as if it’s a heavy chore or obligation for children. Rather, it must be something they enjoy and look forward to. To make it happen, avoid squeezing in reading in between busy schedules. Make adequate time for reading so that it becomes relaxing and enjoyable for them.

Read to your child aloud

Young kids love it when they hear bedtime stories. They love it when you read to them aloud. Make sure to dedicate some of your time for this activity because it will help develop their interest in reading. Select books that pique their interest. Also, feel free to be creative and consider other materials such as audiobooks.

Surround your child with plenty of reading materials

Another helpful trick to motivate your child to read is to surround them with a vast collection of reading materials. Put some in their reading corner as well as their bedroom. Also, have some interesting reads in the living room and your car. Just make sure these materials are something at their reading level.

Have them pick out books and reading materials

Reading is a skill that can help a child achieve success in school and in life in general. However, when motivating them to read, it would be nice to let them pick out the things they’d like to read. Take them to a library or a book store and allow them to select books or magazines they would love to read. Doing this will better help them retain information and be engaged in what they are reading.

Make use of technology

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Technology is an extremely helpful tool in helping kids learn to read. Add technology in your reading routines by using tablets. Download creative applications or look for websites that make reading more interactive and engaging for kids.

Using something they are familiar like technological devices is also an excellent idea to further motivate them to love reading.

Set a good example

Acting as a role model and reading in front of your child is a good way to inspire them to read. Instead of seeing you spend most of your free time on your mobile phone and TV screens, it is better for kids to see their parents holding reading materials, like books and magazines.

This will give them the impression that reading is indeed important. Then, encourage them to join you by grabbing their own reading material so you can enjoy the activity together.

Show them your support

Don’t forget to recognize your child’s efforts in reading. Your encouragement can go a long way in making them feel they are on the right track. If they are struggling, let them know you are there to guide them and give support all the way through.

Want to spark your child’s interest and love for reading? These strategies should come in handy!

Here at Handprints Academy, we value reading as a skill because we know the advantages it brings to kids when it comes to achieving success in school. Therefore, we provide kids with plenty of opportunities to practice their skills in reading and increase their enthusiasm for this activity.

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