As parents, it’s your responsibility to help your child build good communication and social skills. While these skills are also taught in school, they aren’t focused on very much. Academic skills are important but interpersonal skills shouldn’t be ignored.

Communication is important for every person. It may be a simple word but if it’s taken for granted, it can lead to problems. Having healthy social skills is associated with positive life outcomes. That’s why it is vital for kids to master these skills at an early age.

So much in life depends on people having good interpersonal skills. This includes work, political, and personal relationships. Communication is much more than just simply talking. We’ve listed below three of the most important communication skills that every child needs to learn. The more you teach these basic skills to them, the stronger their interpersonal muscles become.

Learning How to Ask Questions

Asking questions helps every person learn more about other people as they form relationships. It’s human nature for people to talk about themselves most. The first step in getting to know another person is to ask them about who they are. Ask them about their likes, their dislikes, their hobbies, their favorites, and more. Ask them questions that will open more topics for you to talk about, and allow you to get to know them better. Don’t forget to teach your child to answer questions in return. The simplest way to teach this is to role play. Take turns asking a question, something they can even practice at school.

Learning to Share Things About Themselves

Learning how to share things about yourself will strengthen your interpersonal skills. It can go about two ways, though. Sharing information about yourself will either attract people who have similar interests, or it will repel those who don’t. Teach your child how to share their interests, hobbies, and things they’re proud to have achieved. Teach your child how to talk to people and how to say what they want to say. Teach them how to remain humble as they talk about themselves. People don’t like it when you come off as arrogant. You can also role-play this with your child. Keep practicing at home and tell them it’s important to keep a balance between asking questions and talking about themselves.

5 Communication Skills Your Child Needs

Smile and Be Friendly

Smiling is free and gives the demeanor of being friendly and approachable. Smiling is a form of nonverbal communication that is powerful enough to earn a friend. Teach your child about smiling, having good posture and eye contact. These things are vital to let other kids know that someone can be trusted.. It’s important to have a positive demeanor to attract friends and that is first done by smiling.

Speaking Clearly

Teach your child to have a clear speaking voice and correct pronunciation. Train them not to rush what they say and to observe good grammar. Pay attention to if they say something wrong, and correct them in a gentle manner. Don’t embarrass your kids by correcting them in public as this will just make them feel discouraged.

Teach them how to listen attentively without interrupting

When it comes to communication, it’s give and take. Teach your child to take turns when talking. Teach them how to listen when someone else is talking and not interrupt. Knowing how to listen and wait for their turn is something all children need to learn. Train them to not jump into conversations because they feel the need to. Instead, teach them how to wait until someone is finished and then ask if they can now speak up. When your kid interrupts an ongoing conversation, stop them and tell them firmly that what they did was rude. Tell them to wait for their turn to speak instead of just butting in. It’s important for children to learn self-control.

One of a parent’s responsibilities is to make sure their child develop their interpersonal skills as they grow up. Children that have good interpersonal skills will find it easier to make friends and build relationships. This skill is learned at home and in school. Be on the lookout for schools that focus on this aspect so you can be assured they are learning these skills. One daycare that practices children’s communication skills is Handprints Academy. Check them out today!

5 Communication Skills Your Child Needs