Quality Garland Daycare Education

When it comes to a child’s development, the importance of early childhood education cannot be overstated. Several studies have shown how receiving formal education before kindergarten can benefit children in several different ways. Children who receive quality early education have higher IQ scores in kindergarten and formal schooling. They are also better behaved and have better social skills.

Because young kids benefit not only intellectually, but also emotionally, physically and socially, it’s imperative that you enroll them in a quality Garland daycare or preschool. Learn more about the many benefits for your child in the next section.

Benefits of Preschool in Child Growth and Development

Sending your child to preschool is an excellent way to help them succeed in their future academic endeavors. Below is a list of some of the most important benefits of preschool to a child’s growth and development.

  • Preschool is a good preparation for kindergarten. By sending your child to preschool, you don’t have to worry about forcing them to forget about playtime all together. A good quality preschool program, just like the one offered by Handprints Academy, will make sure that your child won’t have to choose. Our education program offers activities that protect a child’s playtime while helping them get ready for kindergarten.
  • Preschool provides social and emotional development because the children will have a chance to be away from their parents. It will also give them the chance to build relationships with other adults like their caregivers and preschool teachers. It is also in preschool that social skills can be further developed as they will be able to establish friendships with other children.
  • Preschool teaches kids to be more independent. In preschool, children are encouraged to make simple decisions on their own, thus increasing their sense of independence.

Because we know that your little one can benefit from a good quality early childhood education, Handprints Academy in Garland, TX offers a variety of programs designed to help in several different areas.

The programs we offer are designed for the following age groups:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Two’s
  • Three’s
  • Four’s/Pre-K
  • School Age Before/After
  • School Age Full Day

Best Choice for Parents for Child Care in Garland TX

Our children deserve the best quality education. At Handprints Academy, that’s exactly our goal – to provide your kids with opportunities for hands-on learning. We are here to encourage them to explore more and develop a deeper love for learning. Our curriculum incorporates activities and lessons that teach children social, emotional, and moral values.

If you are looking for the best daycare and preschool for your little one, Handprints Academy is your best bet. For more information about our program and curriculum, please feel free to give us a call.