6 Fun Holiday Activities for Kids and Parents

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! As the holiday season dawns upon us, many parents think about finding new ways to keep their children entertained and included in the holiday fun. Not only will the holiday activities keep your little ones from getting bored. But also, they can also help foster a spirit of gratitude and kindness.

What are some of the holiday activities for kids and parents?

Take a look at this list and find some enjoyable things to do with your child this holiday.

Bake biscuits and cookies

This idea may not be new but it’s a guaranteed favorite among kids and adults. It’s time to get your little one involved in the kitchen. Teach them simple baking steps, such as mixing the ingredients, doing the decoration, and so on.

This is also a perfect opportunity to incorporate some lessons in Math. You can teach them basic counting when they place cups on saucers or count the number of cookies on the baking sheet.

Make a holiday gift box

The holiday season can be made fun and meaningful by making this project with your kids – a holiday gift box. All you have to do is to make big gift boxes to be kept under your Christmas tree. Every day of the holiday season, have each family member adds at least one item to each box.

Some of the things you can include are non-perishable food items, snacks, toys, books, clothes and more! By the end of the holiday season, take your kids with you when you visit a charity who will be receiving your gifts.

Do a movie marathon

The holidays are a perfect time to bond with the family. Enjoy your nights by doing movie marathons. Pick a different genre for every night. For example, a comedy movie for Monday night, suspense for Tuesday night, and so on.

Make sure every family member agrees with the movie choice. Make it even more enjoyable by preparing a snack like pizza or popcorn!

Create a family photo album

With the advancement of technology, we barely take the time to print family photos. This holiday season, don’t let these precious mementos sit on your cameras. Have them printed out and make a photo album with your kids.

Use kid-friendly materials and let them decorate while you share the stories behind each photo. This activity is a great way to encourage your child’s creativity and enhance their memory.

Put on a mini entertainment show

It’s always a good idea to encourage your child to make use of their talents at an early age. The holiday season is the best time to do it! Choose a specific day when everybody is home. Then, have each member think of a presentation. It could be singing, dancing, a puppet show or anything entertaining.

Give everyone ample time to practice before the actual show. Be sure to have something prepared as a prize to make the mini competition even more exciting.

Take a trip to the bookstore

Vacation time is a perfect time to foster your child’s love for reading. It is also an excellent activity during the holidays. So, why don’t you take a trip to the bookstore with your little one? Have them choose some books they would be interested to read instead of you picking for them. Then read these books with them at home. Set a specific schedule so that it becomes a daily routine. This way, your child has done something educational and fun over the holidays.

The holiday season is definitely the perfect time to bond with the family. So if you’re running out of ideas on what to do during your vacation, feel free to refer to this list for fun activities to do with your kids!

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