School drop off means children move to another phase of their lives and parents get confused at how to deal with it. Some children feel separation anxiety when their parents drop them off to school.

They cry at first that hinders them in class. New environments may be terrifying for some people, especially kids. However, it’s best to stay positive towards such changes.

How to manage school drop off with a clingy kid?

A clingy kid struggles with thoughts of leaving their comfort zone and exploring a new environment. School gives a bittersweet feeling to kids and their parents.

Instill a positive outlook about going to school

Children think differently when it comes to trying out new things. Most of the time, they get anxious about meeting new people or trying new food. In the end, parents react differently when their children begin crying.

When preparing for school, remember to encourage kids about having a great day. Enthuse them about meeting a fun teacher who gives fun activities. Some parents recount memories of their primary school. It helps kids understand that their parents underwent the same struggles they’re currently enduring.

Think of a routine that the child will follow

Creating a routine for kids instills in them the value of being well-prepared. Following a schedule prepares their minds by knowing what’s next.

Some routines may include:

  • Waking up and doing their dental routine
  • Taking a bath and wearing their school clothes
  • Preparing their things for school

Then of course, when they reach school another routine follows. It includes greeting their peers, going inside the classroom, and participating in different school activities. Following a routine is comforting to children who struggle with separation anxiety. This allows them to learn to trust their surroundings and the people around them, especially their teachers and classmates.

Shorten the drop off as much as possible

Parents bring their children to school and sometimes their drop offs get mushy and sweet. For children to refrain from getting anxious, avoid waiting for the child to get inside the school before leaving. That may trigger the child’s anxiety and they may cry when they still see you.

Preschool teachers ensure children will have fun in school and reassure them that their parents will be back. Parents dropping off their children need to practice a short drop off routine and leave quickly. If you see them walk alone down the hallway, find their teacher and ask them to walk the child into the classroom and quickly leave.

Continue reassuring them that you will pick them up when classes are over. That could be during lunch time or even early in the afternoon. Kiss them or hug them goodbye and don’t linger much. Your child will soon calm down and feel ecstatic about seeing you after a few hours.

Give some words of encouragement

Before they go inside, tell them that it’s going to be a great day. When you fetch them after class, ask them how their day was. When kids tell their parents that they had fun, always acknowledge that by letting them know you’re happy with how they’re performing in school.

Try some hugs and kisses

Aside from continuously encouraging them, show affection through hugs and kisses when dropping them off. Sneaking out while the child talks to their friends or teacher gives them a reason to feel anxious. If children experience this early on, it prevents them from trusting anyone, even their parents.

Therefore, parents should continue giving them goodbye hugs and kisses before leaving.

Avoid uttering terrifying phrases

While using positive phrases, refrain from using terrifying phrases that create doubt among children. Some feel threatened when they hear:

  • Can you please not cry today?
  • I hope you better not cry today.
  • Just please stop crying.

These phrases make children feel more stressed which makes them cry even more. Comforting them includes empathizing with them and reassuring that it may be challenging, but you’re always there to support them. Parents may try using these phrases:

  • You know, I’ve experienced that too and back then I cried so much more. However, my mom and dad made it easy for me. They always told me that preschool is a breeze and quite an adventure.
  • What can mommy or daddy do to make you feel better?

Change always occurs, even in the household. Kids go through a lot when they step into preschool. Parents deal with different kinds of rough experiences during school drop off that vary according to how their children react. If you need help in dealing with your child’s anxieties, consult Handprints Academy and begin improving child care in Mesquite, TX by managing rough school drop offs.