Motivating your child to do homework can be a headache. If they can get away from it, they will try. But that would mean missing some credits in class, which would also hurt academically. As a parent, your role is to be an overseer, a guide and a motivator. And if you’re still cracking your head on what else you should do to make your kids do their homework easily, then check out these tips on how to motivate your child to do homework. 

Create an Interesting Workspace

Ever had a day when a messy table got in the way of you doing anything useful at your desk? You may have gone so far as to ignore it for a while without you realizing it’s been months. It continues to bother you and it lingers in the back of your mind. And you know that doing a bit of cleaning up could do the trick to get you back in the groove again. But then procrastination kicks in, and you don’t have the time or enough motivation to do it at once. And so the cycle goes on. 

The idea of working in a clean space with things that “spark joy” as Marie Kondo puts it, can inspire creativity and help you become more productive. This is true for a lot of people, and kids are no different. If you want your child to do homework willingly, begin by looking at his workspace. Does it look and feel interesting enough to spark joy and creativity in him? If the space consists of only a desk facing a white wall, then make it more interesting by adding a splash of color. Enlist your child’s help in decorating the space with the stuff he’s interested in. You can also get creative. Work together on some arts and crafts projects to put on display. Maybe put up a photo collage of his favorite cartoon characters. Or throw in a bunch of colored pencils for display on the table. You can go simple. You can go wild. When it comes to design, there’s no one absolute way to do it. What’s important is that your child gets to add his personal touch, making sure that he’ll enjoy spending his time in this workspace. 

Make Homework their Responsibility and Build Routines

Homework is not only given to make ample time to complete unfinished classroom activities. It’s also an extension of your child’s opportunity for learning. But most of all, it teaches your child responsibility. Teaching your child responsibility and accountability should start from a young age. These come as a result of good habits formed during childhood. Establishing homework as a part of your child’s responsibility at home teaches them to be responsible as they grow older. In time, you’ll no longer need to remind them as homework will simply be part of their daily routine. 

Praise their Effort

Giving praise is always an effective means of reinforcing positive behavior. This applies to many things such as when you are training your child to use good manners, or when you want to encourage good behavior. Offering praises also help in encouraging your child to perform well in school and that includes getting them to be inspired to do homework. Praises are not tangible rewards, but they boost the child’s confidence in their abilities to do well. Just be sure to focus your praise on the efforts made, instead of innate characteristics that don’t encourage improvement but only boosts your child’s ego. Focusing on his efforts encourages your child to strive to become better, and work harder to achieve his goals. 

Motivate them with Rewards

Getting a reward turns a mentally exhausting task, into something more bearable that can be done quickly. Knowing that you’ll get something out of your hard work makes you focus on the prize instead of the difficult, and sometimes boring task at hand. And no, not just the extra credit you get in class. But the ones that get you excited at all times. 

It can be as simple as getting ice cream with your mom or being allowed to play video games for an hour. Even small things are enough motivation. Kids would love that. 

Pairing up your praises with rewards creates the ultimate combination for motivating your child to do homework. Rewards are a great way to build motivation, but remember to use them sparingly or else it’ll lose its value. 

Ask Your Child What Schedule Works for Them

Do you know what makes a child resent doing homework? It’s when they are forced to do so when their minds are not set to doing it — yet. Give your child some sense of control over things by letting them pick a schedule to do homework. Maybe he prefers to do it after dinner or before sleep. Whichever schedule works for them is okay. Just facilitate and make them commit to doing it at the schedule they chose.  

Keeping a close watch on your child’s academics can be difficult but with these tips, motivating your child to do schoolwork at home can get a lot easier. 

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