Failure is part of reality and when things get tough, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. This holds true for kids and adults alike. We all benefit from a little failure, a little disappointment, even your child. As long as young kids are taught how to handle and cope with failure, these negative situations can be turned into a positive opportunity to actually learn and grow. Because parents play a vital role in how a child’s mindset and motivation develop, it’s important that you know the right words to say and the right things to do motivate your child to try again. Take a look at these tips!

Avoid being your child’s savior

Setbacks happen, even to young kids, and when they do, your child should be prepared for them. Instead of allowing them to play the victim or try to be their savior, be there as their guide. Work with them in finding a solution. Ask them questions on how they felt or what made them cry at school, and how they think they could change the situation next time. Try to come up with as many possible solutions as you can and welcome their suggestions, too. 

Appreciate their efforts

Children need to feel that the efforts they put into something are just as important as the outcome. Even when they fail, put the emphasis on how they did their best and the lessons they learned. At the end of the day, giving it their best shot is more important than winning. 

Avoid overpraising

While it’s important that parents recognize their children’s efforts and make them feel appreciated, you also have to make sure you’re not overpraising your child. Overdoing it on the praise might do more harm than good. Kids who are showered with more than enough praise might grow to become dependent on other people for validation. They might end up needing a lot of positive feedback to know their worth. Children need to get their confidence from experiences, from overcoming challenges and coping with failure – and not from being told how great they are. 

Encourage them to try new things

Like adults, children tend to gravitate towards the activities and hobbies that interest them. More often than not, these are the things at which they excel. While it’s really good that they are great at something, it’s equally important that they step out of their comfort zone and try something new. They might get scared of trying out new things and fear that they might fail. However, it’s your job to encourage them to broaden their horizons. 

Introduce them to new things. If they feel a bit hesitant, be there to support them. They don’t need to be pressured or anything. What matters is they enjoy and experience something new and improve at it.

Make failure fun and light

Of course, who would be happy with failure? Allow your little one to be upset when they fail. Let them embrace the emotions, but don’t let them dwell on it for long. Keep things light and fun afterwards by celebrating even their failure. It doesn’t mean you should be happy that they fail, but it only means finding the good in the bad. Yes, they may have ended up losing that game, but celebrate the small wins in between. For example, look for that certain scenario where they did really well as a team player. Or perhaps ask them about the lessons they learned from the circumstances. Celebrate the positive things and their determination to do better next time. This will help them achieve a more positive perspective on the future.

Manage your own reactions

As parents, it’s only natural to desire the best for our kids. That’s why we push them to do better at almost everything. However, when they lose, fail or fall short of your expectations, be sure to manage your reactions. Don’t make them feel you are disappointed. You are the source of their strength, encouragement and positivity. Brush off the failure and focus on the lessons learned and desire to try again next time.

When our kids fail, the last thing they need is a disappointed parent lashing out at their incompetence. That’s not what parents do. Because you have an important role to play in your child’s general disposition in life, this guide should help you motivate your child to try again.

Here at Handprints Academy, we make sure that children are provided with plenty of activities that will help them learn and grow. Whether they stumble at times, we make sure they are given adequate opportunities to try again. Give us a call for more information.