Infant Preschool Program: Age up to 12 months

The early childhood development journey begins with our infants. We pride ourselves in providing a safe nurturing environment that allows our children to grow and develop at their own pace.  We provide continuity of care between home and school to establish safe and healthy routines for all of our infants with loving attentiveness to meet their needs.

At Handprints Academy, our infant program has been specifically designed to provide a compassionate and caring place in which infants can bond and grow with not only our professional instructors but with the other children as well. Most importantly, we ensure that our infants are being cared for in a loving, nurturing, and safe environment.

Infants are held during feedings and rocked throughout the day to ensure that the bonding experience is being enriched and their emotional needs are being met throughout their day. Furthermore, our infant environments will provide multiple experiences that will allow them to explore the world around them while focusing on gross motor skills, sensory exploration, and emotional development. We also work to add different varieties of music for our infants to help foster language development, auditory recognition, self-soothing strategies, and to heighten the bonding experience.

Child Care Philosophy

Individual Attention

Every infant in our program will be provided with their own personal space as well as plenty of individualized attention throughout the day. Our specially trained teachers can help guide infants through the world and teach language skills. In addition to speaking and reading to infants, songs and gestures will also help infants learn unique language skills.
Yes, it is difficult to leave your child in the care of someone else; however, people rest assured knowing that our instructors will do their best to provide love and care that is similar to what they feel at home. Our goal is to build strong relationships with all of our children so that they feel loved, protected, and nurtured.

Infant Program Curriculum

Some of the many highlights of our infant program include:

  • Individualized attention in a loving and caring environment that will help infants meet all of their different milestones
  • Instructions through music, reading, and interaction that will help infants communicate with those around them
  • Sign language programs that will augment communication
  • Programs designed to derail biting at an early age
  • Activities that are designed to promote physical growth, such as tummy time
  • Feedings that are appropriate for each infant’s individual developmental stage
  • Interaction with peers that will encourage social growth, development, and confidence

Please know that our program is tailored to every infant’s individual developmental stage. With this in mind, there are also numerous developmental milestones that we watch for.

Infant Milestones

Developmental milestones are critical for ensuring that every infant is on track for a healthy, happy childhood. We keep a close watch on every infant because failure to meet developmental milestones could be a sign of an underlying issue. To that end, some of the developmental milestones that we monitor include:


  • Infant Programraise their  head when placed on their tummy
  • transfer objects from hand to hand
  • sit up and crawl without assistance
  • take two or three steps without support


  • track objects as they move
  • make eye contact
  • grasp objects placed in front of them
  • track moving objects across the midline


  • smile at the sound of a familiar voice
  • making cooing sounds
  • respond to verbal questions and respond with simple noises
  • make simple gestures and babble with two syllable words


  • have a social smile
  • become interested in their image in a mirror
  • show a preference for certain toys and will likely become anxious around strangers

Addressing Questions and Concerns

We work hard to make ourselves available to all parents who have questions or concerns. Therefore, please contact us today to learn more. We are always here to help.