As a parent, it is imperative to pay special attention to your kids’ daily learning activities. Toddlers are always eager to learn something new, which makes them engage in lots of learning activities. Therefore, it is essential as a parent to help your kids on the kind of learning activities they should participate in.

What are some creative learning activities for toddlers?

There are lots of learning activities for toddlers that prepare them for kindergarten, elementary school and college. You don’t need to be a teacher in order to engage your child in various learning activities; all you need is to dedicate your time towards it.

Below are some toddler activities to consider.

Objects Line Tracing

This is a common learning activity for toddlers that helps kids develop excellent writing skills and also teaches self-control. This can be done by placing objects on a plain sheet and instructing your kid to trace a line around each object using a pencil or crayon.

Learning Numbers

This is done by encouraging your child to count objects placed on the floor after you point to each object as you count. It can be toys or any other object. This helps in promoting their cognitive skills and children tend to have fun doing it.

Using Colorful Balls to Keep Your Child Busy For Hours

Children at an early age love kicking, rolling and throwing balls. Hence, you can get your kid sets of soft plastic balls to play around with. Engaging your kids in this will enhance their hand-eye coordination.

Sorting Of Colors

This activity aids your child in developing cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination. This is done by getting your kids series of items like wood blocks, lego pieces, cars, magnets, and instructing them to sort them according to their colors.

Creative Learning Activities for Toddlers

Learning Letters

Engaging your kids by instructing them to match letters is a great learning activity for toddlers. This will help them get used to the letters of the alphabet and also assist

them in identifying each letter. You can make use of objects with letters and tell them to read after you.

Learning of Shapes

Helping your kids identify different shapes is very important. You can get this done by using cardboard, paint, masking tape, and wooden blocks depending on what you are comfortable with.

Sink or Float

The sink or float game helps a kid in developing scientific learning and cognitive skills. This can be done by collecting toys of different weights and shapes and dropping each inside a bucket filled with water to see which objects will sink or float.


Teachers say reading is one of the most common learning activities for toddlers. Reading to your child helps them learn some words and also improve their pronunciation.

Visiting the Zoo

You can also engage your kid in some learning activities by visiting the zoo to show them different animals. This will help them identify each animal.

Play Dough

Play dough is versatile which helps develop your child’s hand-eye coordination. Instruct your child to squeeze several doughs into different shapes and sizes.

Finger Painting

Finger painting enhances a child’s mobility skills. Place a plain sheet of paper and a small cup of paint on the table. Then leave your kid to explore. However, it is advisable to clothe your kid in old clothes because of the paints.

DIY Craft

DIY craft is a good learning activity for toddlers to enhance their creativity. You can get this done by using household items such as a ball of cotton to craft animals. You can also educate your kids on how to do this, and with time they will become a master in crafting.

These and many more are the learning activities you can get your kids to engage in. As a parent, you may not have time to involve your kids in all these learning and counting activities.

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