Benefits of Nursery Rhymes for Toddlers

If you’re a parent of a little child, you surely haven’t gotten away without reading nursery rhymes! You might have found yourself memorizing them. While many people think that nursery rhymes are sung to lull toddlers to sleep, they actually offer a plethora of other benefits.

What do toddlers get from nursery rhymes?

Believe it or not, nursery rhymes play an important role in preschool development. It helps improve a child’s literacy skills, such as spelling, reading, and more! Read on and learn more about the benefits your toddler can get from nursery rhymes.

Nursery rhymes help a child’s cognitive development

Repeating stories is helpful for a child’s brain development. It builds memory capabilities and teaches kids how language works. Nursery rhymes are made up of patterns, which is why they are excellent for memorization. They also help develop reading comprehension and other skills.

Help in a child’s speech development

Nursery rhymes play a crucial role in speech development and language acquisition. They help enhance children’s ability to discriminate sounds. They also help kids articulate words and develop the ear for words. As they try to sing these rhymes, they practice modulating their voices and enunciate clearly through repetition.

Frequent practice of nursery rhymes helps develop the mouth and tongue muscles. More importantly, it covers listening comprehension, which is another crucial ability that kids develop at a young age.

Provide an excellent foundation for reading

Nursery rhymes introduce children to reading. They promote comprehension of stories that contain a beginning, middle, and end. Being familiar with nursery rhymes helps establish an excellent foundation for good readers. If you want your children to develop a love for books, nursery rhymes can help make it happen.

Start with short stories so they won’t have to sit still for a very long time. Then, as they get a little older, you can gradually introduce longer stories.

Promote language skills

Nursery rhymes improve a child’s language and vocabulary skills. They teach them new words, promote spelling skills and provide an excellent introduction to poetry.

Provide social benefits to children

Nursery rhymes also offer social benefits to children. In preschools, these rhymes are usually sung together as a group. When your child recites nursery rhymes with other kids, they feel they are part of a social circle. That makes the activity even more fun for them. It also helps your child feel connected with other children.

Help expand a child’s creativity and imagination

Teaching your little one nursery rhymes helps expand their imagination. This activity contributes to their creative development as they begin to understand abstract concepts. They start to imagine how things in the stories look like. They learn how to associate the words used in nursery rhymes with people, things, and events in their everyday life.

Provide physical benefits

Being familiar with nursery rhymes isn’t only beneficial to a child’s cognitive and language development. It also offers physical benefits. Many nursery rhymes involve movement, actions, and coordination. As you practice these things with your child, their fine motor skills are enhanced.

Help develop Math skills

Because nursery rhymes are full of patterns, numbers, counting, and sequencing, they also contribute to the development of a child’s math skills. Many of the nursery rhymes mention different math vocabularies, such as size and weight.

Being familiar with these concepts at an early age provides children a good foundation when it comes to Mathematics.

Improve a child’s attention span

Listening to nursery rhymes improves the focus of children. They don’t want to miss any part of the story so they make sure to listen to the rhyme from beginning to end.

These are just some of the benefits your little one can get from nursery rhymes. So, if you don’t teach them a lot of these rhymes, just remember how important these things are to their growth. If you are looking for the best preschool that fosters a child’s holistic development, please feel free to visit Handprints Academy.