In today’s times when technology and the internet dominate the world, it is not unusual to find children glued to digital screens. However, spending more time indoors can be detrimental to a child’s growth and development. This is why playing outdoors is highly encouraged.

Outdoor play offers numerous benefits to children. Not only does it support a child’s physical development, but it also provides them with great learning opportunities.

What are the outdoor activities for toddlers?

Take a look at this list of fun and exciting outdoor activities for toddlers.

Nature hike

Going for a nature hike is one of the best things your toddler can experience. This outdoor activity offers a plethora of benefits to children. For one, it’s an excellent way to exercise their bones and muscles. Secondly, it offers plenty of opportunities to learn more about the world. It fosters fine-motor skills, observation skills, hand-eye coordination and more. It also encourages the use of their five senses and is a perfect bonding activity for the entire family.

Free play

Free play means allowing your child to spend more time outdoors and have their outside toys with them. Instead of letting them spend the majority of their time on screens, encourage them to play outside, get messy, get some sunshine and simply enjoy.

Encourage them to use their imagination and creativity. It’s also a good idea if you invite some playmates over so as to improve their social skills.

Drawing with chalk

Is your little one fond of drawing, writing scribbles, and playing with crayons and pens? If yes, it’s time to tweak things a little and make drawing even more exciting. Buy your toddler a set of sidewalk chalk and let them draw on the driveway! Allow them to draw to their heart’s content while they learn about colors and develop motor skills. This is also an excellent way to foster their creativity and imagination.


Gardening is another excellent activity that offers loads of developmental benefits for children. Ask your toddler if there’s a specific flower or fruit they want to see growing around the yard. Then get the pots, soil and seeds ready. Teach them how to do the digging and pulling while explaining how plants grow. Tell them what plants need to thrive, like sunshine and water. While they learn about Science, this activity is also great for sensory exploration. It also helps build their hand and finger strength.

6 Educational Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

Beach volleyball

The beach is a perfect venue to enjoy a fun volleyball game with the family. So, if you’re planning for your next beach trip, be sure to bring an inflatable beach ball. Since toddlers are too young to follow the mechanics of a real volleyball game, you can toss the ball up in the air for your child to catch. Then, ask them to clap their hands and count the number of times they’re able to clap before catching the ball. Make the most of your beach day to not only have fun, but to foster your toddler’s skills such as counting and bilateral integration.

Playing in a sandbox

Your little one would love to play in a sandpit. Or, if you can’t get them one, a dirt pile will do! Provide some toys they can play and dig with. It will be enough to keep them occupied for the next hour or two. Tell them it’s okay to get dirty because they’ll have to clean up later anyway. In the meantime, let them learn some great skills such as creativity and motor development while they enjoy their outdoor playtime.

A lot of parents don’t realize it but an enormous amount of learning can take place outdoors. So, let your child explore the world and enjoy while learning!

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