Sending a child to a preschool is a huge decision for any parent. It also marks the beginning of a new phase in a child’s life. While preschool offers a plethora of benefits in terms of children’s growth and development, some parents doubt their kids’ readiness. In preschool, your little one will learn new skills, make new friends and learn the things that will help them prepare for future schooling. If you’re wondering how to prepare your child for preschool, here are some ideas you might find helpful.

Describe what will take place in a preschool

Giving your child an idea of what will take place in preschool will help make the transition easier. Talk about preschool with enthusiasm and excitement. Talk about the things that they will enjoy in preschool like being able to meet new friends, play with toys and games in the classroom, play in the playground, paint and color and a lot more! By painting them a picture, you are giving your child something to be excited about.They will think preschool isn’t a bad idea after all.

Establish a routine

Following a set schedule can help ease your child’s transition to preschool. Routine provides children with opportunities to act responsibly and make sound decisions. In fact, experts claim that children learn best when routines are established. They get to learn about the concept of time. Start establishing simple routines at home. For example, have them follow a set schedule for meals, taking a shower, playing, reading, and bedtime.

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Prepare your child for preschool before they start attending lessons

Stick with morning and bedtime routines

Establishing morning and bedtime routines can give your little one a sense of reassurance. It will help them prepare for the things they have to do once preschool starts. Weeks before the start of the classes have a morning routine set for your child. Teach them how to make their bed, eat breakfast, get dressed, and fix their things. Do the same before bedtime. Their bedtime routine may include reading, bathing, changing into pajamas and saying their prayers. Once they get used to this, a preschool routine is going to be a breeze.

Get them excited by buying new supplies

Another strategy you can use to get your child ready for preschool is by taking them shopping for new supplies. Buy them a new pair of shoes or a bag perhaps. Kids love having new stuff. Tell them they’ll have to wait until the new school year starts before they can use them. They will have something to look forward to.

Practice self-sufficiency with your child

Teach your child to become independent early on. Show them how simple tasks are done such as putting and taking their socks off, hanging their jacket, returning their toys and books to their proper places, cleaning up their mess, etc. By practicing self-sufficiency at home, they will become more independent.  

Visit the preschool

Visiting the preschool ahead of time is also a good idea. It would be best to do it while classes are ongoing. They can witness how fun it is to attend preschool. Take a tour around and allow your child to be familiar with the environment. Introduce them to the teachers. Let them explore the room and the premises. Take time to explain what is going to take place like meeting new friends,  arts and crafts, playing, singing, reading and more! Encourage them to play in the playground. This way, the preschool won’t feel foreign to them anymore. It will also make them feel more excited to start schooling.

Starting preschool is indeed a big step for a child. Your role as a parent is to help prepare your child for the transition and new experience with these above-mentioned tips. If your child is preschool ready and you’re looking for the best school for them, please visit Handprints Academy.

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