Preschool is an appealing and promising option for families with little children. Preschools do not only provide childcare services for your child. They are also an excellent venue for early learning. While sending a child to preschool offers a lot of benefits, making the decision is still daunting for many parents. If you want to know whether to take the preschool route for your little one, read on for the pros and cons.


Preschool inspires a child’s love of learning

One of the many advantages of preschool is that it inspires a child’s love of learning. At preschool, children learn the fundamentals of academics and certain skills that will help them become successful in the future. All things are learned through play and educational activities. With a well-designed program and curriculum, preschoolers don’t feel that learning is forced. It is something they will learn to love.

It provides a learning environment that can’t be emulated at home

It is true that there are a plenty of things that a child can learn right inside your home. However, preschool provides the kind of learning environment that is difficult to emulate at home. As parents, you play an important role in your child’s growth and development. You can also teach them some skills that they may not learn at school. However, preschool typically offers a structured curriculum. It is a place where kids learn about essential skills, routine and other fundamentals of learning that may not be introduced to them at home.

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Preschool is great for learning social skills

It is a place to improve their social skills

Most children only get the chance to socialize when they go to park or a play date. However, these are not enough. Children need more opportunities to mingle with other kids and create meaningful friendships. These are some of the things they get in preschool. Preschool is an excellent place for children to practice their social skills as they work and interact with other kids. It is also where they will learn how to resolve conflicts on their own.

It prepares children for formal schooling

Another important benefit of sending your child to preschool is that it prepares them for kindergarten and beyond. In preschool, children learn the concept of time through established schedule and routine. They learn the habit of getting ready for school, listening to their teacher’s instructions, – participating in class, and a lot more.

It provides them with opportunities to have new experiences

Aside from learning the basic ABCs and 123s, preschool also provides children with the chance to be exposed to new experiences. There is an extensive range of activities provided in preschool that teaches kids more about art, music, Science, Math and more!


Not all preschools offer flexible schedules

Not all preschools are flexible when it comes to schedules. This means that you may not have the option to choose the days and hours you want your child to be in school. The drop-off and pick up schedules may also be a challenge. So be sure to take these things into consideration when you think about sending your child to preschool.

Preschools can be costly

When you consider enrolling your child in preschool, you must look at it as an investment. Apart from the tuition, there are other fees including the registration, school supplies, and others. Some preschools even increase their tuition on a yearly basis.

Children may easily get sick

Schools are some of the places where children can easily catch common viruses. This is one of the things you may need to prepare yourself for. Be sure to take all the preventive measures to protect your child from getting sick shall you decide to send them to preschool.

Sending a child to preschool may entail a few disadvantages but the advantages far outweigh any concerns. It’s because of all the things that preschool can contribute to a child’s growth and development. Help your child love learning early on! Feel free to call Handprints Academy for more information.

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