You may have found yourself repeating a hundred times, yet your toddler still doesn’t listen to what you say. And while you think there are a gazillion tips you’ve read about getting them to listen but they still don’t work, you’re not alone. Not to worry though, we’ve boiled it down to these simple solutions to get your toddler to listen every single time.

Keep it super simple

Abbreviate this tip and you’ll remember it by heart. Children’s comprehension abilities are obviously different than that of adults, so don’t expect your child to understand your complex sentences because they might just end up giving you a blank stare or walk away. To get your toddler to listen, make sure your words are understandable for them. Adjust your speaking habits and sentences, and don’t make them adjust for you.

Offer options

Lots of them. Offering options gives your child a sense of empowerment and collaboration. The moment they feel that they belong in the situation, that’s the time you can get your toddler to listen because they think that they are important to the decision-making. It will give them the feeling that their choices matter and that they are helping in the situation. They will not think that it is a chore in the first place.

Get creative when stating your expectations

You must allow your child to know what you expect them to do. If they know what you expect of them, they are inclined to do so and follow suit. You may even try other ways–like telling them it’s sort of a game that they have to pass and conquer to level up. It’ll get them going after the goals set for the day and be happy to finish them.

Delay gratification

This tip works best to get your toddler to listen as it will act as a reward system for behaving accordingly. You can try to win their attention with the treats they want, but first they need to listen to what you have to say. Also, it pays if you give the reward after longer next time as it will develop a polite behavior in your child. After giving the reward, give appreciative feedback on their behavior so that they’ll pick up the habit of listening, even without the reward, because they will feel that they are being good instead.

Be a good listener

To get your toddler to listen, you have to listen to them first. It’ll set an example for them on how to deal with things and how they should behave. It is also one way to make them feel validated. If you don’t listen first to your child, they will follow suit and even turn to defiance-and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Don’t yell at them

If you want to get your toddler to listen, shouting and yelling are not your best friends. They may only ignore you all the more. Every time you say something in a shouting manner, toddlers will automatically think that you are angry and that they did something wrong. Chances are, they’ll want to be away from the angry parent and so they will shut you out and not listen completely. Instead, remain calm while talking to them but be firm with your words. 

Inform, don’t command

The last thing your toddler wants is to be given a chore. They hate being commanded, especially if it is nothing fun. What you can do to get your toddler to listen and follow simple commands is to inform them. Getting them involved in a task will make them feel that they are part of a quest that you both are working on. 

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