Toddler Preschool Program: Aged 18 months to 2 years

When children reach the ages of 18 months to 2 years, they are making significant advancements in the fields of language and social development. At this age, children are going to start to test their limits. They will try to figure out their scope of influence and control, often trying to figure out what they can and cannot do.

As a result, children at this age also crave structure. Therefore, our toddler program provides children with this necessary structure along with giving them the independence and attention that they desire. At Handprints Academy, we provide numerous age-appropriate activities that will help toddlers develop in a wide variety of areas including verbal skills and problem-solving. Our classroom structure also includes the creative arts that will encourage dramatic play, language development, and sensory growth.

Child Care Philosophy

Finally, children at this age are also becoming more aware of themselves. They start to develop a love for learning and will develop a sense of self-confidence. Therefore, we try to encourage involvement in activities that will help children at this age develop a certain level of self-esteem. Through age-appropriate activities, children will make significant advancements, grow, and meet their developmental milestones. Our goal is to provide the nurturing, love, and attention that you would provide your children with at home while also balancing this with structure and learning throughout their time with us.

Toddler Program Curriculum

Our toddler curriculum is well-rounded and strives to help every child meet their developmental milestones. Much of the curriculum is built off of the strong foundation that was started in the pre-toddler classroom. Our curriculum includes a focus on:

  • Potty training through routine and repetition to try and encourage children to both communicate when they need to go while also praising them for a successful trip to the bathroom
  • Interactive activities that encourage teaching, learning, and growth of verbal skills
  • Dramatic play with other children that will foster social development
  • Balanced structure throughout the day that will encourage independence within set, consistent limits
  • Emotional development and self-awareness that will help children grow and advance to the next classroom

Our varied curriculum is tailored to the individual needs of every child with the goal of helping every toddler meet their developmental milestones.

Toddler Milestones

Milestones continue to play a critical role as it is important for children to be on track when they enter their next classroom. As a result, there are several different milestones that we monitor for the Toddler program. These include:

Gross Motor

  • kick a ball
  • climb up and down from a chair without assistance
  • walk up and down stairs safely

Fine Motor

  • draw with a variety of utensils
  • pour out a container to reveal its contents
  • stack a balanced tower of 4 blocks


  • point to and name multiple objects
  • know numerous body parts
  • know several words
  • form simple phrases of two words


  • name shapes and colors
  • engage in imaginative play
  • copy the behavior of others
  • interact with their peers and adults in meaningful ways

Addressing Parental Concerns

At Handprints Academy, we want every parent to be involved in the growth and development of their child even while they are at school. Therefore, we encourage parents to contact us to learn more about how their child is doing during their time with us. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We are always here to help your child reach their full potential in any way possible.