From museums to parks and zoo exhibits, Dallas has got you covered! No need to step outside the city, because family fun and entertainment is just around the corner. Dallas is a marvelous place that’s brimming with fun and interesting attractions for your family vacations. With plenty of activities, more than enough to fill your weekend, you and your kids are sure to have a great time. 

They say planning for your trip is where the fun begins, as anticipation builds up. Spontaneous adventures can also bring loads of fun if you happen to skip the planning part! Dallas offers CityPASS, which enables you to go on a fun trip easily. CityPASS helps make the city of Dallas a perfect spot for business and pleasure, and will help you create lasting and fun memories with your family. Grab a comfy pair of shoes and let’s take a glimpse of some of the top places where you can spend your family vacations in Dallas. 

Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Delight your kids and family with fun outdoor activities as you explore nature. Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden is here to challenge young minds as they offer fun adventure programs and age-specific interactive science games for kids. Think of a museum with a number of interactive galleries to explore the outdoors. This garden is an amazing place to learn about the wonders of our planet in a safe and family-friendly environment. 

Learning attractions include plant labs, an edible garden that help kids learn about nutrition and the origins of food, a habitat trail through a woodland ecosystem, a Texas skywalk where you can discover the benefits of trees while walking along a 240-foot trail above the treetops, an energy tower that teaches kids how energy is harvested from various natural sources, and finally, an exploration center that features an “omniglobe”.

Geo-Deck at Reunion Tower

Dallas is a beautiful city on its own. But 470 ft up in the air? Instantly it becomes even more breathtaking. Get a view of the city from a whole new perspective by heading to Geo-Deck at Reunion Tower, which is an observation deck that gives you a magnificent look at the city in a 360-degree panoramic view from an elevated perspective. While you’re up there, you can also check out the deck’s digital information system, “Halo”, to learn more about Dallas, its landmarks, the tower’s light shows, and many more!

Klyde Warren Park

Taking a break from the busy freeway? We know just where to go. Klyde Warren Park is a patch of green nestled right on top of recessed eight-lane freeway. This park integrates an urbanized city lifestyle with a green landscape that’s available for everyone to enjoy. Primarily designed for sustainable landscaping, this five-acre park has turned a freeway into an urban oasis that lets you explore different sections that include a butterfly garden, a children’s park, a reading and game room, performance centers, and a botanical garden. Lay back on a picnic blanket with your family as you read a book and have a snack at the great lawn, or join a free fitness class to jump start your healthy lifestyle with a fun workout routine. You can also grab a bite as you sit and enjoy some of the musical performances at the park. 

Dallas Zoo

Does your child love animals? Family vacations in Dallas aren’t complete without heading to the Giants of Savanna, which is an 11-acre safari exhibit of wildlife where elephants roam freely with giraffes, ostriches, and impalas, among others, in the facility inside the Dallas Zoo. Not only can you and your family marvel at the beautiful safari landscape, but this place also lets you get up close and experience feeding the giraffes by yourself and seeing how fast a cheetah can run, right before your eyes. There’s even a Safari Monorail that gives you a bird’s eye view of the five African habitats, and a kid-sized mini train that can drive you around with seats spacious enough for parents to accompany kids. Also, be sure to check out the bird’s landing and get up close with cockatiels and over 24 bird species in this interactive aviary. The Dallas Zoo is a perfect place to inspire your child’s curiosity and love for animals in a fun-packed and memorable experience you won’t want to miss! 

Living in Dallas makes regular bonding over exciting family activities possible, as most of them can be found right in the heart of the city. Keep your child happy and engaged as you make fun and lasting memories together while your kids are still young. 

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