Top Places to Spend Family Vacations in Dallas

From museums to parks and zoo exhibits, Dallas has got you covered! No need to step outside the city, because family fun and entertainment is just around the corner. Dallas is a marvelous place that’s brimming with fun and interesting attractions for your family vacations. With plenty of activities, more than enough to fill your weekend, you and your kids are sure to have a great time.  They say planning for your trip is where the fun begins, as anticipation builds up. Spontaneous adventures can also bring loads of fun if you happen to skip the planning part! Dallas offers CityPASS, which enables you to go on a fun trip easily. CityPASS helps make the city of Dallas a perfect

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How to Help a Child with Short Attention Span

Many of us become easily distracted when we don’t find something interesting or when we’re bored. Just like adults, children can also find it difficult to pay attention when a subject doesn’t pique their interest. This is why young kids are often restless. In fact, children have shorter attention spans than adults. In order to focus, children need something that will keep them engaged for extended periods of time, something they enjoy or something that will satisfy their curiosity.  It’s not unusual to find your thoughts wandering when your focus should be on something, but a short attention span is something that should be addressed when it comes to young kids. Why? Because significant difficulties maintaining attention may have detrimental

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6 Good Manners to Teach your Child

A well-mannered person who is polite and considerate of others  is a pleasure to be around. Well-mannered people speak gracefully and treat people around them with respect. One’s behavior speaks a lot about his or her upbringing. This is why your child's behavior is a reflection of your own. Children tend to mirror our behavior, so when a child misbehaves, people may look to a child's upbringing and the impact their parents have had. You can't always be blamed when such mishaps occur. And being able to keep an eye on your child’s behavior at all times may be close to impossible. This is why instilling good manners in your child is important. As a parent, the best thing you

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10 Not-To-Be-Missed Family Activities in Dallas

Maybe you’re a newcomer to “The Big D” (if so, welcome!) Or maybe you’ve only recently decided to raise a family. While there are plenty of adult-friendly attractions in the city where “big things happen”, you can sometimes get lost in all of the sights and sounds without realizing there’s a downright plethora of family activities in Dallas from which to choose... which shouldn’t be surprising in the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country. But it can be frustrating. Sure, you might know about the museums. You probably know about the nightlife — and chances are you definitely know about Dallas’s college football. However, when it comes to family activities in Dallas, how well do you really know your

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5 Simple Ways to Teach your Child Basic Reading Skills

Reading is one of the most important aspects of a child’s literacy skills. As parents, we want our little ones to learn how to read while they’re young. However, it’s always easier said than done. The process of teaching kids basic reading skills isn’t a walk in the park. In fact, learning how to read isn’t something that happens on it’s own, contrary to what many people believe. It involves teaching skills such as understanding the relationship between letters and sounds. While learning to read is a complex process, the good news is that acquiring the necessary skills can be relatively simple. Read on and learn some simple strategies to help teach your little one basic reading skills. Set the

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The Importance of Friendship During Childhood

Cultivating friendships during childhood is beneficial for your child’s development. When we think back to our own childhoods, there are probably many things you told your friends before you ever told your parents. Thinking back on those times evokes memories of experiences  you shared with your friends and moments you will always cherish. We all want our children to have their own positive experiences as well. We want to ensure that they grow up in a nurturing environment with friends on whom they can rely. There are many benefits to meaningful friendship during childhood, including: Developing social skills: In today's world, social skills are essential as we strive to be an inclusive society. Each person interacts with others in their

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Why Parents Should Encourage their Child to Read

As parents, one of our goals is for our kids to develop healthy habits. We want the best for them. We want them to reach their full potential and be able to realize their dreams. In short, we want them to be successful. This is where the value of reading comes in. Reading plays a crucial role in a child’s success not only in school but in all of  life. It is beneficial to children’s development and overall intelligence. If you haven’t started yet, now is a great time to instill a positive reading routine in your little one. Here are some of the benefits that come from reading with your child:   Reading expands vocabulary One of the wonderful benefits

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How To Establish Morning Routines For Kids

When it comes to getting your kids ready for school in the morning, Murphy’s Law always seems to rear its head: Anything that can go wrong, typically will. Failed alarm clocks. No milk left in the fridge. Traffic. Meltdowns. Late or early school buses. And of course… “But I don’t want to wear that shirt!” If you can imagine it, it can (and likely will) happen to you as a parent. In fact, when it comes to establishing a morning routine for your kid, it’s best to expect the unexpected. Except, it doesn’t have to be. The need for structure is an innate part of human nature, and it’s no different whether you’re a kid or an adult. It’s more

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How to Manage Gadget Screen Time Among Kids

Whether it’s the television, computer or mobile devices, screen time is inevitable in the lives of modern children. Kids today no longer spend the majority of their free time playing outside, running freely and enjoying the outdoors. They’d rather stay indoors and spend hours in front of TV screens, iPads and smartphones. While screen time isn’t entirely a bad thing, considering that there are helpful educational apps and programs, too much screen time can be detrimental to their overall growth and development. When young children get hooked on electronic devices, it can lead to irreversible damage to their developing brains. This is why too much screen time is strongly discouraged. So how do you manage screen time among kids? Monitor your child’s

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Benefits of Daycare for Toddlers

Early childhood is a time when a lot of cognitive, emotional, social and physical changes take place. It is considered a critical period because it is when a child’s brain develops rapidly and when a great amount of learning happens. For this reason, parents are encouraged to make sure their kids are placed in an environment that helps maximize their development. This is where daycare comes in.

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