As parents, one of our goals is for our kids to develop healthy habits. We want the best for them. We want them to reach their full potential and be able to realize their dreams. In short, we want them to be successful. This is where the value of reading comes in. Reading plays a crucial role in a child’s success not only in school but in all of  life. It is beneficial to children’s development and overall intelligence. If you haven’t started yet, now is a great time to instill a positive reading routine in your little one. Here are some of the benefits that come from reading with your child:  

Reading expands vocabulary

One of the wonderful benefits of reading is expanding  our vocabulary. When we read, we come across words we may never have encountered  before. When your little one reads books with you, he or she is exposed to a variety of words – some of which may be beyond their everyday vocabulary.   Reading also provides good practice with fluency and pronunciation which are both helpful for daily speech and comprehension. Consistent exposure to books opens doors for new knowledge and is an excellent way to nurture your child’s  cognitive skills.

Reading improves concentration

When kids read a book or a story, it helps to enhance their concentration and focus.When children are engrossed in a book, they follow a single story that harnesses their focus. and attention. This, in turn, also can help improve your child’s concentration at school and home. 

Reading improves memory

Reading a book is also a good way to enhance one’s memory. Understanding a story requires remembering details such as events and characters.  When your child reads, he or she practices memorization of essential plot points in order to weave the pieces of the story together.  

Reading  improves comprehension

Children who develop a love for reading at a young age  tend to develop better comprehension as their intellectual abilities are sharpened. Through consistent reading, children develop a  higher cognitive understanding of facts and concepts. In short, kids who read tend to be more intelligent than their peers who do not read.

Reading  enhances personality development

When children read, they are exposed to a new world – a world where their imagination is the only limit. Giving young kids relevant books will teach them essential values as their personality traits take shape. Through reading, children  learn about optimism, ethics, and morals. Exploring books and stories can also help build children’s confidence and self-esteem. Just be sure to carefully select the books to give your little one and make sure to give them the ones that highlight more positivity instead of negativity.

Reading is  a good way to learn about the world around us

It’s no secret that reading is an excellent way to travel to places without leaving the comfort of your home. When your child reads, he or she has the opportunity to learn about other countries,  people, events and cultures. Through reading, we are exposed to other beliefs, principles and ideas that are different from our own. This is indeed one of the best forms of education.

Reading helps improve overall performance in school

Taking time to read books helps kids do better in school. By reading, children  tend to be more open to new ideas and are more creative and imaginative. Young kids often choose to read about  characters they idolize As children dive into the lives of new characters, they may dream of becoming like those people, and may  even imagine themselves pursuing a successful career based on that character. It’s been found that kids who develop a passion for reading while they’re young tend to do well in  other subjects as well. 

Reading is an excellent way to bond with your child

With the advent of the internet, both children and adults are increasingly drawn toward  electronic devices and screens. This takes our attention and time away from things in life that matter.  This is why it is important for parents to encourage their children to develop a love of reading. Not only is reading books a good way to minimize the negative impact of too much screen time but reading books together  is also an excellent way to spend quality time as a family. 

Developing a love for reading can benefit your child in more ways than one. Encourage this habit in them early and witness its tremendous effects on your child’s life.

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