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A Quality Daycare in Killeen, TX

Every child needs special attention to their needs and enrolling them in a daycare or preschool facility will provide that. As they learn new things, their growth and development are monitored. At Handprints Academy, we provide hands-on activities for your children to learn. We believe that the more children explore, the more they learn and grow. We encourage our students to be active seekers of knowledge and to be as creative as they can be. We want our students to grow up into people who aren’t afraid to try new things and speak their minds. At Handprints Academy, the curriculum embraces teaching children moral values as well as emotional, social, and self-help skills. A quality education will help children be more physically, emotionally, and socially adept.

Handprints Academy’s goal is to teach students to be more independent when it comes to learning.

Benefits of Children Going to Daycare and Preschool

Attending preschool or daycare in Killeen, TX, is a big milestone for both the kid and parents. It’s going to be the first school they attend and meet new friends. Going to preschool will open their eyes to new things. Preschool is an important building block for every child and what they learn there will stay with them as they grow. At Handprints Academy, we have a variety of programs designed for students to reach their fullest potential.

The programs that this academy offers include:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Two’s
  • Three’s
  • Four’s/Pre-K
  • School Age Before/After
  • School Age Full Day

The academy’s all-in-one curriculum includes social, cognitive, emotional and physical development.

The Best Preschool Killeen, TX

Handprints Academy is proud to serve the parents and children of Killeen. Every child deserves the best, and this school is one of the best. The students’ creativity, knowledge, and imagination are encouraged to grow and develop as they learn with classmates. There are hands-on activities given to children to get them to reach their fullest potential. The kids are in the best hands as the teachers at Handprints Academy are really the cream of the crop!

Let your children experience and learn at Handprints Academy. Visit us on our website today and talk to us!


Students Ages 6-12 years

Each week the students will attend 2 educational and fun field trips.

Coming Soon!

Spanish Immersion Classrooms!

Our Early Childhood Spanish Immersion Language Program offers unique opportunities for participating students to:

The primary objective of an Early Childhood Spanish Immersion Language Program is to implement cultural and linguistic education which is a developmentally appropriate, where children develop their first language and learn a second language through a rigorous academic program. Together, native English speakers and Spanish speakers engage in rich educational experiences to achieve Bilingual Literacy and Language Proficiency.


  • Develop two languages
  • Form a positive self-image
  • Augment a better understanding and respect for other cultures, and to engage in a dynamic and challenging academic curriculum.


Wonderful childcare for all ages. My grandson loves his teacher and can?t wait to get there every day. The staff are professional, caring and attentive. Couldn?t ask for a better place for my grandson. They are AWESOME? Chiquita Glenn
Chiquita Glenn
My husband and I are very picky on who we trust with our kids and what type of facility they are in. I can honestly say this place has been great! My kids both love their teachers. My daughter is in the toddlers group and I get a detailed report about her day every day that includes everything she ate, her mood, nap information and every diaper change. The teachers are always interacting and playing with the kids rather than just sitting in the room. I recommend this place anytime I?m asked where my kids go! Alexis Johnson
Alexis Johnson
Wonderful childcare for all ages. They are very prompt to let you know whats taking place with your child. They teach the children many different positive things. My child isn?t even 2 yet and can identify his numbers up to 10, colors and most of his alphabet. I would recommend this location to anyone looking for childcare. They have very friendly staff. Natasha Wright
Natasha Wright