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12 14, 2018

7 Effective Ways to Handle Toddler Tantrums at Bedtime


Children’s tantrums come out of nowhere, especially during bedtime. They used to sleep so well and so easily when they were younger, but now that they’re already toddlers, they have meltdowns right before bedtime. Toddlers start to kick and scream and freak out, and you just wonder what went wrong. Maybe your toddler will resist your bedtime routine, or maybe he’ll start crying so hard that he coughs and gags. How do you handle it when your toddler tantrums at bedtime? Here are some tips… Ways to Effectively Handle When Your Toddler Tantrums at Bedtime It isn’t easy to

7 Effective Ways to Handle Toddler Tantrums at Bedtime2018-12-14T16:52:16+00:00
12 11, 2018

5 Communication Skills Your Child Needs


As parents, it’s your responsibility to help your child build good communication and social skills. While these skills are also taught in school, they aren’t focused on very much. Academic skills are important but interpersonal skills shouldn’t be ignored. Communication is important for every person. It may be a simple word but if it’s taken for granted, it can lead to problems. Having healthy social skills is associated with positive life outcomes. That’s why it is vital for kids to master these skills at an early age. So much in life depends on people having good interpersonal skills. This

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12 5, 2018

7 Ways to Keep your Child from Getting Sick at School


Children coming home from school are always enthusiastic to tell stories about their day. They’re excited to show their worksheets or perhaps a nice art project. However, there are times when kids bring home something else. They might bring home a bunch of nasty germs or some unwanted illnesses. This is why parents should make sure to build up their child’s immunity. Take a look at this list below for some helpful ways to keep your child from getting sick at school. Keep their hands off their face One of the reasons why children easily get sick is that

7 Ways to Keep your Child from Getting Sick at School2018-12-11T10:50:06+00:00
11 29, 2018

How to Deal with Child Separation Anxiety at Drop Off


Separation anxiety in kids isn’t uncommon. Most children who are heading off to school for the first time will experience this. If your kid struggles when you drop them off at school, there are strategies to say goodbye without them crying. Starting preschool is a milestone for all children. It excites them and fills them with glee, but there are also feelings of uncertainty. For kids, the main reason for their anxiety is that they don’t know what to expect in the new environment. In their early years, kids have spent all their lives with their parents and family.

How to Deal with Child Separation Anxiety at Drop Off2018-12-11T10:25:58+00:00
11 23, 2018

10 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Calm Down


It’s a common thing for kids to feel agitated and angry at certain times. Unfortunately, there’s no anger management class for kids. This kind of aggression is not deliberate. Oftentimes, it’s your child’s way of asserting himself. This happens when they can’t fully express what he wants and what he feels. While anger is a feeling, aggression is a behavior. This is the time to teach your child that using aggression cannot solve his problems. You need to guide your child to learn how to control his impulses, manage his emotions and express his feelings with words. There are

10 Tips for Teaching Your Kids to Calm Down2018-11-29T14:37:44+00:00
11 20, 2018

Celebrating National Family Stories Month this November


With Thanksgiving around the corner, many of us will be gathering with our families. This will be an excellent time to share stories, and listen to grandparents talk about family history. Because wonderful and interesting stories get passed around during this time of the year, November is called the National Family Stories Month. It is exciting to have this celebration, but the National Family Stories Month is not just about collecting and sharing family stories. It’s also about preserving family traditions. Be sure to enjoy and make the most of the National Family Stories Month with these brilliant ideas!

Celebrating National Family Stories Month this November2018-12-05T15:53:39+00:00
11 16, 2018

7 Tips for Parents with a Clingy Toddler


Clinginess is a natural and common behavior observed in babies and toddlers. It is a sign that a child considers their parents as a “secure base”. This means that they have developed the trust that these adults are sensitive to their needs. This behavior may leave parents, like you, exasperated. Do you have a toddler who constantly refuses to leave your side? Here are some tips you might find helpful. Manage your response to your clingy toddler How you respond to your clingy toddler makes a difference. Watch your response and make sure it doesn’t sound upset or impatient.

7 Tips for Parents with a Clingy Toddler2018-11-30T05:52:23+00:00
11 9, 2018

5 Steps to Teach Conflict Resolution for Kids


No matter how much we try to avoid them, conflicts are inevitable. In fact, even young kids have to deal with conflicts at some point. As parents, it is our role to help our kids manage conflicts effectively. It will help them experience fulfilling and healthy friendships. It will also enhance their social skills so they enjoy better social experiences. Turn conflicts into learning opportunities. Learn how to establish stronger relationships with these conflict resolution tips for kids. Allow time to calm down Before even trying to address conflicts, it is best to allow the kids involved to take

5 Steps to Teach Conflict Resolution for Kids2018-11-29T13:36:04+00:00
11 2, 2018

Preschool Pros and Cons: Sending Your Child to Preschool


Preschool is an appealing and promising option for families with little children. Preschools do not only provide childcare services for your child. They are also an excellent venue for early learning. While sending a child to preschool offers a lot of benefits, making the decision is still daunting for many parents. If you want to know whether to take the preschool route for your little one, read on for the pros and cons. PROS Preschool inspires a child’s love of learning One of the many advantages of preschool is that it inspires a child’s love of learning. At preschool,

Preschool Pros and Cons: Sending Your Child to Preschool2018-11-29T13:28:42+00:00
10 24, 2018

6 Ways to Prepare your Child for Preschool


Sending a child to a preschool is a huge decision for any parent. It also marks the beginning of a new phase in a child’s life. While preschool offers a plethora of benefits in terms of children’s growth and development, some parents doubt their kids’ readiness. In preschool, your little one will learn new skills, make new friends and learn the things that will help them prepare for future schooling. If you’re wondering how to prepare your child for preschool, here are some ideas you might find helpful. Describe what will take place in a preschool Giving your child

6 Ways to Prepare your Child for Preschool2018-11-29T14:30:58+00:00
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