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How to Avoid Viruses and Keep your Child Healthy

With the coronavirus pandemic posing a threat to the health and safety of the worldwide population, the first thing that comes to mind for us parents is the safety of our child. Although this highly contagious disease afflicts mostly the elderly, we can’t help but still worry about the safety of our family. Our kids are the most precious people in our lives and we want nothing but to protect them.  While this may not be possible as children may still catch a common cold a few times a year, you can teach your child ways to avoid viruses. Here are some steps to teach kids how to keep germs away so they can stay strong, healthy and always happy!

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What are Family Rituals and Why are they Important

What’s a typical day like with your family? What do you do for fun? Do you recall having some quirky family rituals that only you and other members of your family are aware of? Maybe something that’s been handed down from your parents and grandparents. One way or another, we all have these rituals in our respective families. Being exposed to them during childhood has helped shape each of us into who we are today.  So what are Family Rituals? Rituals bring a sense of identity and belonging to members of a family. These may include activities and alternate forms of communication that are more or less unique to your family. They can range from secret handshakes to code words

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Why is Play Important? 7 Benefits of Play for Child Development

If there’s one thing that makes one’s childhood remarkable and complete, it’s play. By definition, play refers to the enjoyable activities children do for self-amusement. These often entail social, behavioral and psychomotor benefits. Play is an integral part of a child’s development and it comes in various forms.  Without play, a child may tend to feel isolated, depressed, have poor resilience and reduced self-control. Adequate playtime, on the other hand, enables a child to learn about themselves and the world. It allows them to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally and develop other important skills that can help them achieve future success. Why is play important? Besides the fun, enjoyment, and fond childhood memories, here are some of the other important

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5 Proven Ways to Boost your Child’s Academic Performance

Is school becoming more of a chore than a priority for your child? Early in life we are given reasons why school is important from every adult we meet. You may even remember getting a pep talk from your parents stressing the value of education. How it prepares you for the real world and increases your chances of finding a great job. It’s every parent’s delight to see their kids excel in school. Academics may come easy if your child loves school. But if your child is a bit uninterested, that’s where you may need to step in and find ways to help. Boosting your child’s academic performance is possible. Many won’t even cost you a penny as most of

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How to Make Your Kids’ Morning School Routine Less Stressful

What do your typical mornings look like? Yelling at your child to hurry up and trying to get everyone to finish getting ready by a certain time? This scenario isn’t uncommon especially when you have kids. But It can also be very stressful. It can mess up your mood and affect the tone of the rest of your day. It doesn’t have to be like this. Getting everyone to be where you need them to be on time can be a challenge. However, there are ways to make sure your morning school routine is as seamless and stress-free as possible. Take a look at these helpful tips! Prioritize sleep How many times does your child’s alarm have to go off

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5 Tips to Promote Positive Behavior in Kids

As parents, we want the best for our kids. We want to raise them in such a way that they grow up to become responsible and successful adults. However, parenting doesn’t come with a magic wand so take every single day as an opportunity to equip your children with important skills and values to influence them in the right direction. Positive habits and behaviors are just some of the things we should encourage in our little ones. Those things are essential to their healthy and happy growth and development. Learning them early in life helps gear children toward future success. Positive behavior offers long term benefits but is shaped by different factors. Read on for some tips to help you

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5 Wonderful Benefits of Extracurricular Activities to Kids

Children get many opportunities to expand on their skills with extracurricular activities after school and during their time away from school. With so many options available, there’s no reason to  let your child sit around and get bored—or worse, get stuck to the television or their mobile devices the rest of the day.  Children are curious. Exploration is in their nature and finding something interesting fuels their enthusiasm. Support that curiosity and help unleash their potential by encouraging them to learn new hobbies and skills after school. Not only are these activities great to help boost their confidence but it also helps them build on soft skills essential for their personal growth. Here are five wonderful benefits of extracurricular activities

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5 Parenting Mistakes to Avoid when Raising a Toddler

The rewards and joy that come with parenting are boundless. Going through each milestone and celebrating your child’s accomplishments as you your own is the fun bit of parenting. But navigating through life raising kids doesn’t always come with ease. Raising a toddler is like walking through a minefield. You tread slowly, hoping you can get through it unscathed while trying out stuff which may or may not work. Parenting mistakes happen so often that you sometimes resort to doing what’s logical and what you feel is right. You tend to overthink things. Even overdo them at times. Taking the guesswork out of the equation may be close to impossible, but learning about some of the most common parenting mistakes

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The Sometimes Surprising Benefits of a Good Quality Preschool Program

Many parents think of preschool as being more or less synonymous with daycare. That is, an institution to babysit the kids so mommy and daddy can go to work. However, there are deeper benefits to choosing a good quality preschool program. These can be both immediate and long-lasting. It is in preschool where children start learning early critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Curious young minds are encouraged to experiment and explore in a safe and controlled environment custom-tailored for their age group and stage of development. The far-reaching benefits of attending preschool A number of well-documented clinical studies have found numerous benefits to attending preschool. Some of the benefits last throughout a person’s lifetime. A few don’t even become obvious

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Top Places to Spend Family Vacations in Dallas

From museums to parks and zoo exhibits, Dallas has got you covered! No need to step outside the city, because family fun and entertainment is just around the corner. Dallas is a marvelous place that’s brimming with fun and interesting attractions for your family vacations. With plenty of activities, more than enough to fill your weekend, you and your kids are sure to have a great time.  They say planning for your trip is where the fun begins, as anticipation builds up. Spontaneous adventures can also bring loads of fun if you happen to skip the planning part! Dallas offers CityPASS, which enables you to go on a fun trip easily. CityPASS helps make the city of Dallas a perfect

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