Quality Education – Child Care Dallas, TX

Early childhood education is important for a child’s development and growth. Here at Handprints, we believe that a child’s early education should come from the best source in the area.

We at Handprints encourage children to be active seekers of knowledge and creative explorers.We teach children by giving them hands-on activities to help kids become enthusiastic learners. Going to a quality early childhood education will help your children grow physically, emotionally, and socially adept. That’s why our goal is to help children become self-confident, independent and inquisitive learners. Not only do we teach them to learn in school, we also encourage them to learn outside of school all through their lives.

Every child is unique, and they all learn at their own pace. Wouldn’t it make sense that their education is special, too? That is why Handprints Academy was built. We cater to every child’s needs and guide them through positive growth and development.

The Benefits of Preschool in Child Growth and Development

Going to preschool is a milestone for every child. It’s when they first learn how to be independent and be with other people. Preschool opens their eyes to new lessons and relationships with others. The benefits of going to a preschool are immeasurable as it prepares them for the world.

Handprints Academy is a premier preschool in Dallas, TX, and it offers a variety of programs for your kids. These programs are designed to help children reach their fullest potential. Our curriculum focuses on the emotional, social, cognitive and physical development of the child. We have programs that promote the children’s creativity and love for learning.

The programs that this academy offers include:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Two’s
  • Three’s
  • Four’s/Pre-K
  • School Age Before/After
  • School Age Full Day

One of the Best Choices for Parents – Dallas Preschool

The children in Dallas deserve the best education and Handprints Academy is the best choice. The children’s imagination, creativity, and knowledge grow and develop here as they learn with their peers. Hands-on activities will help them reach their fullest potential, and with great teachers guiding them, your children will be in the best hands.

If you want your child to experience Handprints Academy, visit us on our website today. We would love to talk to you!