Best Longview Daycare Education

The significance of a high-quality early childhood education cannot be overstated. It is during their early years that the foundation for their future is established. Through quality daycare and preschool, a strong base for lifelong learning and development are built. These provide the essential building blocks for a child’s future success.

A good quality early childhood education program offers a plethora of benefits for young kids. Not only will it help them grow and develop intellectually; it will also help them in their emotional, social and physical growth. Because children can gain numerous benefits from early education, it’s imperative that parents choose the best preschool for their kids in Longview. Read on and learn more about the benefits of attending a quality preschool.

Benefits of Preschool in Child Growth and Development

An excellent quality early childhood education lays the groundwork for a child’s successful future. Below are some points that show how significant a Longview daycare is for children’s growth and development.

  • Preschool prepares your child for kindergarten. One concern a lot of parents have is their child missing out on playtime by having to go to preschool. But this is not true. By enrolling a child in a quality preschool like Handprints Academy, they will continue to enjoy their playtime while getting ready for kindergarten and formal school. Our program at Handprints Academy ensures that children won’t have to choose between learning and playtime because we provide opportunities for kids to experience both.
  • Preschool teaches kids to be more independent. At preschool, children are given plenty of opportunities to perform simple tasks on their own. They are also given the chance to make simple decisions on their own.
  • Preschool improves a child’s social and emotional skills. Social skills are one of the most important things that children learn at an early age. And even if they get to play with their siblings or neighbors, it isn’t just enough. By sending your little one to preschool, they will learn how to interact with other children. They will also learn how to deal with conflict in a healthy way with the help of their teacher.

These are just a few of the benefits a child can get from preschool. By enrolling them to Handprints Academy, they can enjoy our programs that are designed to help their growth in several areas.

We have programs and curriculum designed for the following age groups:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Two’s
  • Three’s
  • Four’s/Pre-K
  • School Age Before/After
  • School Age Full Day

Best Choice for Parents for Preschool Longview TX

At Handprints Academy, our ultimate goal is to provide your children the best education they deserve. We provide plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning as well as activities that promote intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth.

Set your child on the path for future success. Enroll them to Handprints Academy today! For more information, please feel free to give us a call or contact us through our website.